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Guitarbuilding has become a great passion. Building classical guitars requires research, patience, attention to detail and experimentation. 


All pieces of wood are different, and to bring out the its potential and shape it into an instrument to capture it's potential, you have to adapt the process to the materials used. This is why handcrafted instruments can achieve considerable higher level of quality that factory made ones. 

I was recently on the Classical Guitar Composer podcast by Chris Hales talking about Guitar building. You can hear both episodes of the podcast here (episode 31):

Classical Guitar Composers

‎Classical Guitar Composers Podcast on Apple Podcasts

They are also available on spotify here:

I created some build videos of my earliest builds. I have gotten feedback that these videos have inspired many hopeful builders to start building their own guitars.You will find recordings of these guitars in the videos and compositions sections.

Building photos

I did also venture into the field of building a violin. Here is a video of the fantastic Aja Humm playing the violin i built

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