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Here you will find an overview of some of my compositions, primarily for classical guitar. I am working on providing recordings and finishing the scores for them. 

My album "Compositions for Classical Guitar" was released June 24th last year. It contains many of the pieces below. It is available on all music services

GUITTAR rev.jpg

The Album is here

My published music is available on spotify, soundcloud and other digital music services. I sometimes use Instagram to share musical ideas. You can find all those in the shortcut bar on top of page

Guitar Compositions for Classical Guitar

Most of the music is in standard notation. I will update the scores with fingering as well over time. Feel free to contact me for feedback or improvements I can make in the scores.

I have now added my classical guitar compositions to musescore where you will find it in both standard notations and notations with tabs. You can find them here: Kristian Heim |

Piano Compositions

Other Guitar Compositions

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